Improve our NHS

Our NHS locally and nationally deserves better from our Government. Our key workers, including our NHS workers, have been at the forefront of leading the country throughout the Coronavirus crisis. We need to ensure that they are paid well and supported to do their jobs. We can't go back to normal and must keep that spirit and support that we had during the peak of the crisis where people were going out on their doorsteps nationwide and clapping for carers.

I will work with our Members of Parliament and local authorities to support our NHS and campaign for resources but also for the welfare of our staff.

I know from being a previous Chair of Brent's Health and Wellbeing Board and from working with hospitals all across London as a charity worker that housing is having a devastating impact on local NHS services being able to recruit and retain workers.

I will work with the Mayor of London and local authorities to ensure that more keyworker housing is delivered locally.